Keeping It Professional

"A nanny who only wants to be paid under the table seems shady and unprofessional to me--not someone I'd want watching my kids." -a real parent

"I used to be a nanny, and I actually refused to work under the table. I just felt more comfortable when parents paid me legitimately, because I knew that if something went wrong in the working relationship, I was protected by labour laws just like any other employee." -a real nanny

Most people want to do the right thing, but when it comes to paying their household employees, "off the books" is too common. Research has found that most people on both sides are unaware of the risks and the benefits to paying legally. It's understandable...after all, who has an HR department in their house?

Keeping your relationship professional protects you and your nanny, and is better for your loved ones.  

  • Reduce stress if you ever have to let your employee go, as she will have the safety net of unemployment if it takes time to find another job.

  • If your nanny gets hurt or sick, she can apply for disability.

  • Your nanny will build up critical social security credits and Medicare.

  • You won't be committing tax fraud.

Sleep better at night knowing you are paying right.