We are passionate about...

Household employees being paid over the table. Compliance rate for paying them legally could be as low as 8%. This keeps them down in the underground, they can't apply for loans, they can't build up social security or medicare. They can't get disability. They are not seen as professionals by many. They are less likely to be able to support themselves when they retire, and everyone suffers. 

At the same time, household employers are at a great risk personally. For tax audits, fines, and penalties. For being sued if there's an injury or illness on the job.

When we needed a household payroll solution, we discovered most were too expensive, or signing up was complex because it was geared to businesses. Tackling it with a spreadsheet was a pain and made it clear why compliance is so low.

We needed a simple to use, reasonably priced service that would take care of household payroll. Badly. 

We are a team of financial and engineering folks passionate about helping employers and employees be compliant, by creating a solution that makes it a no-brainer to pay over the table. 

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