Zero work. 100% Peace of Mind.

Refreshingly easy household payroll, whether it’s for your nanny, caregiver, housekeeper or others who work in your home.

You stay safe from tax penalties and lawsuits, and you might even qualify for a tax credit.

Your employees get critical benefits. Unemployment, disability and social security/Medicare gives them a safety net and a future. Work history enables basics like loans or renting an apartment.

We’re serious. Don’t lift a finger.

✔Fast setup. Create the first paycheck in 5 minutes.

✔Professional paystubs you can email, text or print.

✔State and federal tax ID's setup for you.

✔All state and Federal tax filings and payments handled.

✔ Complete year-end tax compliance: W2s for your employees and a signature-ready Schedule H for tax time.

✔ Tax reports and history archives in your personal dashboard.

✔ Data is safeguarded with best in class security.

✔ Convenience and complete control from your iPhone or iPad.

Simply $28/month.

With early access, your first 90 days are on us.

California only at this time.